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Hi!  I’m Rosie Dare and I write a variety of romance stories with all heat levels. From sweet romance to steamy romance, and erotic romance stories, there’s something for every taste level!

NEW- Saving Ruth

A steamy, small town romance that has a medium heat level!  

Saving Ruth - Grady Hollow Series

Book 1

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Casual Friends

A Sweet & Steamy Romance

Grace wants a romance with Zack, a producer on her DIY show, and she finally has a date with him on New Year’s Eve. He is everything she thinks she wants. Zack is handsome, rich and charming, but he isn’t emotionally available.

Tony, Grace’s co-worker on the show, he has always been attracted to her. He likes that she is beautiful, confident and very taented. Unfortunately, Grace never sees him as more than a buddy to work with and nothing more.

An unexpected snow storm in Valdez, Alaska is about to change everything for Grace and Tony. They are trapped in the vacation home they were renovating and the power has gone out. Grace becomes terrified of freezing to death, and Tony wants nothing more than to make her feel safe, and if she will allow it, loved.

Can Tony and Grace finally make a love connection and get out of the friend zone?

Texan Tumbleweed

A Steamy Romance

Becca is torn between staying with her best-friend-turned-lover Shane in Texas, and returning to her life in Savannah. Going to her home town in Texas was supposed to be a short, stop over where she settled her parent's estate and then moved on with her life. The last thing she expected was finding her old high school best friend, Shane, waiting for her at the airport.

Shane was excited to have Becca back in Texas, and he was determined to show her why she should stay. He didn't care what he had to do to make her his, including showing her his vulnerable side. He envisions a life on her family’s ranch where the two of them enjoy raising their animals, and a family of their own.

There is an undeniable heat and passion between Shane and Becca, which quickly becomes an inferno of lovemaking . All good things must come to an end though, and Becca has to decide whether it is love or a career that she wants the most.

Kiss the Cook

A Steamy Romance

Angela has been best friends with Rod since they were in high school, but they've never moved out of the friend zone. She isn't sure how Rod feels about her, so she is content for now to wait for him to make the first move. With prompting from her best gal pal, Meg, they finally get together on Thanksgiving to cook and entertain their friends.

Once they are finally alone, Rod lets Angela know how he really feels and that he is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Between rom-coms and several glasses of wine, more than a turkey gets stuffed in this steamy, erotic, friends-to-lovers romance. Happily ever after, guaranteed!

Summer Steamy Romance Box Set

Get all 3 books in this steamy erotic series:

Book 1 - Summer Heat - Noah’s Erotic Romance

Book 2 - Summer Crush - Clint’s Erotic Romance

Book 3 - Summer Sunset- Karl’s Erotic Romance

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